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Terror suspects Matthew Kinuthia Maina at Milimani law court where Anti-Terrorism Police Unit was allowed to detain him for eight days for further investigation.
Terror suspect who jumped state house perimeter wall remanded for eight days.
Matthew Kinuthia Maina is among three others being investigated over terror activities in the country.
Matthew Kinuthia Maina allegedly entered state house and said that he wanted to see the president in order to give him some money to go and record his songs.

He appeared before Resident Magistrate Eddah Agade at Milimani Law courts when the Anti-Terror police unit applied for 10 days custodial orders to enable them complete investigations after he was arrested on the 19th of this month after jumping over the perimeter wall of State house Nairobi.
Anti-Terrorism Police Unit claims that the suspect had been sent by unknown persons to enter State House for unknown reasons.
Anti-Terrorism Police Unit claims that the suspect had been sent by unknown persons to enter State House for unknown reasons.
Two other terror suspects have also been detained for eight days after they were arrested on the same day by CID police officers from Makueni.


Ngandi John Mwikali and Simon Kimeu Mutie were arrested after the police were informed by a Good Samaritan that the two were planning an attack in Makueni.
Ngandi John Mwikali was overheard saying that he had gone to Somalia to Join Al-shabaab and that they were planning to attack Makueni Hyper super market very soon.
According to ATPU, Ngandi together with his Somalia colleagues had finalized plans for the attack and he had returned home to make the arrangements.
In a sworn Affidavit by ATPU Investigating Officer Bernard Ndirangu, the police claims that Ngandi had alleged that he was among the attackers who attacked Garissa University College.
The police were informed of the same by a good samaritan and he was arrested while in company of Simon Kimeu Mutie who is also believed to be planning the attack together.
ATPU Investigating Officer Ndirangu told the court that the bag Ngandi had, have been forwarded to Bomb disposal Unit for swabs in case he had carried explosives in it as he had explained.
“The suspect was handed over to us by CID officers for further questioning to ascertain whether his allegations were true,” said Ndirangu.
He claimed that the Sim card belonging to Ngandi is still under analysis and the outcome may lead them to wider investigations.
He requested the court to grant them 10 days to detain the suspects saying that terrorism related charges may be preferred against them after completion of the investigation.
“There are compelling reasons to continue detaining the suspects owing to the fact that Ngandi was sent by Al-Shabaab to survey shopping malls within Makueni County and also investigations linking him to Garissa University attack,” he said.
Resident Magistrate Eddah Agade granted ATPU 8 days to detain the three terror suspects at Kilimani Police station.
The case will be mentioned on June 29.

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