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Lawyer Gitobu Imanyara for Mariam Mohamed Salim a wife of the alleged abducted Isiolo Sheikh Mohamed Abdullahi by a Kenya Wildlife Service Officer in Isiolo at Milimani law courts
Wife to an Isiolo Muslim cleric has moved to court seeking to know the whereabouts of his husband who she claims was abducted by a Kenya Wildlife Service Officer.
Mariam Mohamed Salim claims that sometimes in 2014 she was with her husband, Mohamed Sheikh Abdullahi at Isiolo town when he pointed out to her a person inside KWS vehicle.
Mohamed referred to him as Koech and confided to his wife that he has been following him and he should be held responsible for whatever that may befell him.
In a sworn affidavit, Mariam stated that her husband further confided to her that the KWS man was unhappy since Mohamed was alleged hindrance in their work, which was, being a standing surety for his uncle Ibrahim Abdi who was facing a charge of possessing an elephant tusk.
Mariam claims that after the incident when her husband was abducted in June 23, they were able to track Koech’s phone line and confirmed his official name as Daniel Korir.
Mariam claims that Koech alias Daniel Korir is a suspect in the disappearance of her husband and he should be investigated.
Through her Lawyer Gitobu Imanyara, Mariams claims the disappearance and abduction of her husband was a result of the government failure to protect her and her family.
Gitobu stated that the governments have failed to produce Mohamed Sheikh Abdullahi to court and have continued to hold him unlawfully.
Mariam wants the court to order the government through its authorized agents to produce in court Mohamed Sheikh Abdullahi or to show cause why he should not be released.
The matter was certified the matter urgent and will be heard tomorrow before justice Kimaru for further directions.

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