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Mathew Kinuthia Maina (2nd left), who had been charged with the offence of trespassing at the statehouse leaves milimani law courts accompanied by his father John Maina (left) ,lawyer Nadiya Aziz (right)and music promoter Joe Kariuki,after principal magistrate Daniel Ogemba released him on conditional discharge after age assessment report confirmed he was a minor at Milimani law courts where he was set free on Friday 3 July,2015.
A subukia boy who allegedly jumped over the state house perimeter wall has been set free by a City Magistrate Court.
Matthew Kinuthia Maina was released on a two-year conditional discharge by Chief Magistrate Daniel Ogembo on account that he was minor.
Ogembo released him back to his father and urged him not to get involved in any criminal activity for two years .He also warned the parent to exercise proper responsibility on his son.
Kinuthia was arrested when he sneaked in at the state house requesting to see the president to help him record gospel music to enable him go back to school.

The music promoter Joe Kariuki have undertaken to sponsor his education and finance the boy’s music recording which he had claimed was the reason of his seeking audience with the president when he was arrested at state house Nairobi.
He was handed over to Anti-Terrorism Police unit which made an application on June 21 to detain him for 10 days for investigations.


\On June 22, he was arraigned in court charged with entering a protected area contrary to the law.
The court heard that June 19 at Kilimani area within Nairobi County he entered statehouse which was protected area without permission of the prescribed authority.
The facts read that the accused travelled from his home in Subukia in Nakuru County on June 13 allegedly to come to source for money to enable him record gospel music.
On June 19, he decided to go see the president so that he may assist him with money to record the music. On arriving at the gate, he tried to knock but there was no response. He decided to Jump into the compound and started heading to the main building.
The boy however claimed that he wanted to see the president to assist him with some money to record some gospel music which will assist him in go back to school.
“I am still seeking help from the President to record the gospel music to enable me go back to school,” he had said.
Chief Magistrate Daniel Ogembo directed the accused be taken to Kenyatta National Hospital for age assessment before making his ruling.
The age assessment which was brought to court indicated that he was 15 years old.
Musician Charles Kanyi popularly known as Jaguar had offered on his social media page to fund the upcoming artist.
Candy n Candy Records owner, Joe Kariuki pledged to cater for the young boy education and later help him realize his music career dream.

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