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Ganze Mp
Ganze Member of Parliament Peter Shehe.
Ganze Member of Parliament Peter Shehe appeared before a Malindi Chief Magistrate court on Friday to face corruption charges preferred against him.
The MP was accompanied by his Lawyer Hon. Danson Mungatana when he made his appearance before Chief Magistrate Charles Mbogo.
However, the MP failed to take plea after prosecution said the charge sheet was not ready for plea talking.
The prosecution led by lawyer Musyoki for Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission told the magistrate EACC charge sheet was not ready and sought the prefeed to be differed to allow the prosecution to prepare for the charge sheet.
The MPs lawyer Hon Mungatana protested the move by the EACC saying it was wrong for Anti-Corruption Commission to bond his client while there was no existence of the charges against him.
“It was wrong for EACC to bond MY client yet there was no charge.” Hon Mugatana told the court.
He further argued if there was no evidence then against the MP,they should never have bonded the him..
He also said that it amounted to intimidation and the case was being pushed by the political enemies of his client.
The court extended the bond terms to the time EACC will be ready to charge him in connection with corruption charges.
Its alleged Shehe will be charged with crimes ranging from engaging in projects without proper planning and procurement procedures.
He will also be charged with fraudulently making payments to himself from public coffers, misappropriation of funds, breach of trust and failure to comply with laws and regulations governing movement of public money and expenditure
EACC says Shehe and his associates embarked on a year-long looting spree of the Ganze Constituency Development Fund (CDF), that started almost immediately he was sworn in as MP, leading to a loss of Sh40 million.
The MP will be charged alongside nine public officials and directors of four companies for a series of fraud and corruption crimes, allegedly committed between July 1, 2013 and June 20, 2014.
Detectives say the MP and his friends enriched themselves from the CDF coffers by breaking almost all laws dealing with procurement and also engaging in fraudulent payments, among other crimes.
EACC Deputy Director for Lower Coast Hassan Issack Khalid announced the MP’s alleged co-conspirators have been arrested.

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