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Suspended Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu accompanied by Kilome Member of Parliament Regina Ndambuki and her supporters leaving Milimani law courts after the mention of her case which she is being accused of obstructing investigations into fraudulent transactions in her ministry over the controversial Kalen land on Monday 13 July, 2015.
Suspended Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu has defended Cord co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka Kalonzo Musyoka over the alleged National Youth Service (NYS) Yatta land saga.
He accused Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission for targeting particular individuals on the fight against corruption in the country, Suspended Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu said.
Speaking after the mention of her case which she is accused of obstructing investigations into fraudulent transactions in her ministry, Ngilu also said that the government was not genuine in fighting the graft cases as powerful leaders who accused of corruption were still in office.
She added that the Anti-graft body was targeting the Kamba community and defended Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka over the National Youth Service (NYS) Yatta land grabbing allegations
“They have now started saying that Kalonzo Musyoka grabbed land in Ukambani. The land belongs to the Kamba community and cannot be grabbed from its owners,” she said.
She said that the former Vice President has never been in charge of the National Youth Service or a ministry that directly oversees the operations of the NYS and thus cannot have grabbed the land in question.
She accused the government of engaging in political witch-hunt and not being genuine on the war against corruption.
Her remarks were reiterated by Kilome MP Regina Ndambuki who had accompanied her to the Court. Ndambuki stated that the Kamba community was being targeted and the leaders from Ukambani will unite to fight any ill intended for the community.
“We as the leaders from Kamba Community we will stand in solidarity with Charity Ngilu let’s remember her in our prayers,” she said.
Ngilu noted that she will win the graft case leveled against her and continue serving the people of Kenya.
Ngilu’s Case will be mentioned on August 12 to determine the hearing date after one of the second accused person Swanya Birundu took ill and preparations were being made for him to be taken to India for further treatment.
However Ngilu’s Lawyer Kioko Kilukumi stated that Investigation Diary and Statement of the Investigating Officer were lacking in the exhibits given to them.
Senior Principal Magistrate Lawrence Mugambi ordered the prosecution to give out the two documents to the defense counsels within five days.
“I would not have allowed the adjournment of this matter was it not for the sick accused person, the issue of Investigative diary should have been handled when giving out the other documents. The prosecution should provide the documents within five days,” he said.
Ngilu is accused of obstructing justice and investigations at the Ministry of Lands by denying Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) detectives from accessing documents relating to the Karen land that was allegedly grabbed by powerful persons in the government.
She was among the five Cabinet Secretaries suspended following the tabling of the EACC list in Parliament by President Uhuru Kenyatta.
The matter to be mentioned before a Nairobi Anti-Corruption Senior Magistrate court Lawrence Mugambi to confirm the compliance by Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to supply the defense with all relevant documents including investigation dairy and Statement of the Investigating Officer which Senior Deputy Director of Public Prosecution Jacob Ondari assured the court it will be to defense by the end of the business today.
SPM Mugambi wondered why the prosecution had taken too long to provide the Investigative diary yet it was a simple document that ought to have been given out with the other exhibits.

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