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Lawyers Stephen Mwenesi and Judy Thongori (left) accompanied by activist Ann Njogu (center), together with 2 thirds gender rule activist talk to the media outside Milimani law courts on Friday 26 June, 2015.
Nairobi based Civil activist Okiya Omtatah has filed an application seeking to stop the execution a judgment on the two third gender rule.
Omtatah wants the court to suspend the orders of Justice Ngugi Mumbi directing compliance of Supreme Court’s advisory opinion.
He says that advisory opinion by the Supreme Court was an error which could lead to amending the constitution to allow the application of principles of the one third to two third gender representations in the national assembly and the senate.
He argues that the constitution of Kenya 2010 was enacted in the historical context in which provisions implementing the requirement for proportional gender representation which existed in the Bomas and Wako and several harmonized drafts were removed before the constitution was ratified.
Omtatatah submits that with that removal the issue of gender representation became a political and not judicial issue, sayi9ng the court had no jurisdiction to order AG and CIC to comply with Supreme Court advisory opinion on gender balance.
“The court of law has no capacity or jurisdiction to order the re-introduction into the constitution the provisions which the sovereign people themselves rejected” he says
He says the following the advisory opinion and the order of Justice Mumbi dated June 26 the AG, senate and national assembly are under immense pressure to implement the one third to two third gender representation principle in the national assembly and the senate before August 27.
The move taken by the AG, senate and national assembly requires the amendment of the constitution to remove to the political interest which violates the supreme law.
The application by the activist will be placed a duty judge this afternoon for orders and directions.
AG and CIC were taken to court over failure to table the relevant Bills to facilitate the implementation of the two thirds gender rule
The Centre for Rights Education and Awareness (CREAW) filed an urgent application seeking order to compel the AG and CIC to act as required by the constitution
According to CREW as it told the court the constitution requires that as a precursor to parliament discharging the obligation, first (AG) and (CIC)ought to prepare the relevant bills for tabling before parliament as soon as reasonably practicable to enable parliament to enact the legislation within the period specified,” the organization through lawyer Judy Thongori stated. Creaw through its executive director Ann Njogu further wanted the court
to declare that the AG and CIC have failed in preparing the bills and a further declaration that their actions are a threat and in violation of the constitution.
“Article 27(8) of the constitution demands that in addition to the measures contemplated in clause (6), the state shall take legislative and other measures to implement the principle that not more than two
thirds of the members of elective or appointed bodies shall be of the same gender,” she pointed out.
Njogu said that the Supreme Court Advisory Opinion on December 11, 2012 made its recommendation on the applicability of the provisions of the said articles for gender representation in the Senate
and the National Assembly.
The organization was aggrieved by the action of the AG and CIC to the effect that since the promulgation of the constitution, the respondents have not prepared or tabled any bill to parliament for the implementation implementation of the two third gender rule.
The court has since made a finding in favor of CREAW which is being challenged by the activist.

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