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justice Weldon Korir (1)

High court Judge Weldon Korir who directed the suit by seven members of taekwondo athletes to be heard next week on 26 August for further directions on Thursday 20 August,2015..
Members of Taekwondo athletes want the commissioner of Sports compelled to hold fresh taekwondo trials for the All Africa Games 2015 in Congo, Brazaville.
Seven of the organization moved to court seeking High court to issue orders directing the commissioner of Sports Gordon Oluoch to hold fresh trials.
As per court document s seen by smart sam news, the athletes say they were intentionally left out of trials purportedly held by the commissioner on May 30 for national selection of Taekwondo players to participate in the All Africa Games from 16 to 19 September this year.
The trials held at the Public Service Commission allegedly consisted of only 2 out of the over 50 Taekwondo teams in Kenya. Their numbers they say do not meet the threshold requiring at least 4 contestants in each of the 8 weight categories.
Also for one to be allowed to participate in any International Taekwodno championship sanctioned by the World Taewknodo federation they must be holders of at least a 1st DAN Black belt in Taekwondo.
The athletes through Lawyer Paul Kamau and company advocates say the said trials were unlawful and unconstitutional as no formal notice was given by the conveners to enable all eligible players to participate.
Kamau says through an anonymous message sent on May 23 a few select players from three clubs out of thirty one registered clubs in Kenya were notified of incoming trials scheduled for one week later on May 30 this year.
He adds that only a handful of athletes were able to attend the trials by virtue of a sms sent by Philip Khaemba and followed up by phone calls indicating the venue of the trials.
The athletes say some them who are gold medalists were intentionally left out of the said trials and substituted with the commissioners friends.
They say Gordon, CEO of Kenya National Sport Council Charles Nyaberi starring committee of Team Kenya to the All African Games and a group purporting to be officials of the Kenya Taekwondo associations, held national trial for the taekwondo team to the Brazaville games at the public service commission services at Upper Hill.
The trials according to the athletes were not free, open or fair and there were no written notices sent to their club managements informing them of the intended trials.
The matter will be heard next week on 26 August for further directions.

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