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Chairman of Nakuru-based Trusted Society of Human Rights Alliance Elijah Sikona (left) together with the alliance’s treasurer Raphael Maleka peruse through the papers after the high court restrained the Attorney general from forwarding the proposed amendment of public Benefits organization by NGO coordination’s board to the national assembly outside Milimani law courts on Monday 24 August, 2015..
High court has restrained the attorney general from forwarding to the clerk of the national assembly the proposed amendment of public benefit organization by NGO Co-ordination board.
Justice George Odunga, said pending the hearing a determination of the petition filed by Trusted Society of Human Rights Alliance, there should be no action by the AG.
He said that applicants have raised very serious constitutional issues over the composition of the board, which must be determined first.
The judge was told by the applicant’s lawyer Julie Soweto, that there has been no properly constituted NGO board since March 2015, due failure by the CS devolution not publishing the Act to be come operational
She said in the absence of the proper board no amendments can be made and be forwarded to AG.
The judge directed that the application be served and the matter be heard inter parties on September 22.

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